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     People seek out therapy for many reasons. Perhaps because of an event or situation that is painful and difficult to resolve. Perhaps to find help with longer term feelings of suffering that are confusing and feel hopeless. We all develop ways of coping to avoid these hard emotions but sometimes our coping strategies can become problematic in themselves causing turmoil in oneself and in relationships. Therapy provides a path of awareness and a process for change in how we perceive and relate to our  difficult feelings. With curiosity and safety we can explore the fears that often accompany our thoughts and behaviors and find new ways of coping and relating to self and others. I work with individuals (adults, adolescents and elders). I look forward to meeting you and working together  through your process.  

        With the  Covid-19 pandemic, feelings of anxiety, confusion, loneliness, and depression are heightened and may exacerbate underlying trauma and/or difficult feelings. Because of the pandemic, I am utilizing telehealth for sessions or will see clients in person if they are fully vaccinated and wear a mask. I am fully vaccinated and wear a mask for in-person sessions. I offer a free initial consultation session.  

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