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Theoretical Approach

I view therapy as a collaborative relationship involving listening, encouraging expression of your thoughts and feelings, and sharing possible ideas and links to help us both find awareness, understanding, and the potential for change in troubling areas. I utilize the following therapeutic approaches as a foundation for understanding:


Psychodynamic theory which involves listening to what you say in sessions and how you relate to yourself and to me.


A developmental approach as a guide to areas that may be particularly difficult such as feelings of (or lack of) trust, shame, guilt, confidence, independence, self-agency, etc.


I utilize attachment theory as a guide to understanding your initial bonding experiences and how these may be impacting your connections with self and others.


I use a multicultural lens to explore how one’s own culture and beliefs may be burdened by a dominant culture that impedes self-efficacy and full-expression. Working within this framework will guide us toward areas of strength, resilience, and self-care along with finding ways to work with the external environment/culture and make change where possible.

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